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Buying or Selling a Business – The Purchase Agreement

Category Archives: Business Planning

Buying or Selling a Business – The Purchase Agreement

Maybe you are looking to become a business owner, expand your current business, or transition into retirement. Under any of these scenarios, there is a whole host of things to consider: How should you go about it? How do you protect your family? How do you minimize liability going forward? How do you minimize the tax implications? If you are… Read More »

The Lease: What to Consider

There are ways to generate income from real estate, other than by selling it. For example, you can lease or license it to another person or business for a certain use. Whether you have a lease or license is important in determining your rights as the property owner. As with any contract, if there is… Read More »

LLCs: The Go-To Option For New Business Owners

Limited liability companies, known as “LLCs”, have in recent years been the go-to option for new business owners. When we sit down with clients to go discuss business formation and planning, they often know that their business entity should probably be an LLC, but they don’t necessarily know why. A brief history lesson is necessary… Read More »